Ensuring Your Family’s Health and Wellness

Can High-Tech Healthcare Tools Keep You Healthy?

Now, thanks to technology, teachers can stay on top of their own health needs without spending much time or money. Find 5 healthcare tools here: neamb.com/high-tech-health

Learn the ABCs of Medicare Coverage

If you or a loved one is approaching retirement, the more you know about Medicare coverage, the better off you’ll be. The coverage options are labeled with the letters of the alphabet. But the simplicity stops there. View a helpful Medicare guide at: neamb.com/medicare-abcs

Dental Checkups Can Reduce Your Healthcare Costs

Did you know that signs and symptoms of 90 diseases can be detected through a routine oral exam? Regular dental checkups are more important than ever, not only for oral health but for overall health. Learn more at: neamb.com/dental-health


Americans spend more than $65 billion a year on fitness.

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